Thursday, July 26, 2012

Summer with kids...Week 4!!

Yay!! I'm half way done with my planned summer activities.4 weeks done....4 more to go....Don't get me wrong I love being with kids,spending time with them and especially doing crafts with them. But this whole planned summer activities and schedule is something totally new for me. There are days when I simply cannot think of a craft idea or there is not much of energy to go through the process...but the kids are really awesome and when they show their eagerness to craft...pieces start falling together :)

This week's post is again delayed but I have good reasons for them. My kids are participating in a fundraising event...Talent show...and we (yes, me too with them...) been particing for good number of hours for their group dances. Though it's taking up a lot of my time but I'm so glad to see them dancing and being good at that too (insert proud emoticon)

So coming to this week's crafts, here is what we did the whole last week :

MONDAY:   Week started with a simple painting project. Kids painted some wooden butterflies according to their imaginations :) and I hot glued magnet strips at their back thus making butterfly magnets for our fridge.

 TUESDAY:   I got a mosiac sticker kit for all the kids.It was again a simple,fun but time taking activity.The kit had glittery square stickers which kids had to peel off and stick on the picture which came in the kit.

I think they turned out cute...what do you say??

WEDNESDAY :  Once again we were hooked with a painting project.If clay pot painting was fun than gluing gems on the pot was even better.All the kids came to an agreement that these pots will be pen /pencil holder for them.

THURSDAY :  Some kids were not able to finish their mosiac pictures on Tuesday so they finished their projects. Since there was not enough time left after that ,we had to go through a quick painting(yes, painting once again.....) project. On a white coloured cardstock, kids drew with crayons.After they were done with crayons I gave them watered down black paint, to paint on the whole paper. Some wrote their names,some tried to make designs, while the younger ones just scribbled...but the end results were all the same...beautiful.

Kids were surprised to see that the black paint didn't went on their drawings  and were so excited to see their designs turning out so beautiful.They have even asked me to do this project once again with them . Who am I to say no :) :)

FRIDAY :  Those who have read my earlier posts of week1 week 2 and week 3 will remember that I admitted earlier that by the time Friday comes I am in need of an activity where my participation should be minimum(though this week I hardly helped the younger ones) and that is where beading comes into play....
Boys were more interested in doing puzzles that day, so I left them with puzzles while girls got to make a neclace and matching bracelet set....girls can never have enough  necklaces and bracelets :)

Some where in the middle of the week kids were able to finish the second 500 pieces puzzle which they started working on last week.

....and thus ended the week....

Hope you liked what we did....I would love to hear what art/craft you did with your kids,I'm always looking for ideas and suggestions.
Have fun filled days everyone and take care :)

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  1. A lovely and creative week yet again :)I Just love the way you present everything. This week I loved the necklaces, bracelets and pots. Awesome collection. These kids must be feeling so proud and happy to have all these made by themselves. Good one. Keep it up :)

  2. Great craft ideas. Returning the follow!

    Julie @ Naptime Review

  3. Great job! We love getting crafty with the kids; and you've got plenty of fab ideas! Joined your site and off to have a good look around. Would love for you to join my preschoolers and me over at my blog place; the more followers I get, the more chance my husband will let me keep going!

    1. Thanks Linda....your newest follower have some great work there :)

  4. Very cool ideas for simple creativity throughout the week. I love the cardstock/crayon/black paint project. I thought they were little chalkboards at first. They turned out really great. I'm going to try that with my kids. Thanks for sharing! Oh, and I'm following you back!