Sunday, July 15, 2012

Summer with kids week 2!!

This is a delayed post for the 2nd week of summer activities.Delayed as in a full week delay.I planned to do this weekly post of activities which my kids do the whole week with their friends.For the second week number of kids increased from 6 to 8 and it took a while to settle down.Now that I'm more comfortable, this post is finally  here.
 So like the 1st week ,this week too we did crafts,some drawings and puzzles.Here are the pictures of things we did this week.


Making these sun catchers was surely the best way to start the week.Even the youngest of the group were able to do it by themselves without any help...umm almost.(the paint jars were very unstable and the older ones had to keep holding them for the younger ones...but that was it.)


Kids tried their hands once again at drawing,with these simple Cardinals.I showed them how to draw with inspiration from here .I love how cute these came out.
Since next day was July 4th our craft on Tuesday had to be something representing that.Nothing seemed more appropriate than this flag making craft.

Once again I looked here for the inspiration but changed it a little bit.This flag was made with popsicle/craft sticks.Sticks were painted red and white and alternated.Blue construction paper was used with white crayons to make the stars.

WEDNESDAY: Kids and me had a day off to celebrate with family and friends(I can now understand the value of a day off in middle of the week:) The day spent with friends, for an outdoor picnic and fireworks later at Gas Works Park in Seattle, totally recharged me.

 THURSDAY: Though I was in high spirits when the day started, by the afternoon things went downhill.My daughter V has Cyclic Vomitting Syndrome, which shows up ...anytime,anywhere, and it decided to show up that day:(. I cannot leave her for a long time alone so decided that kids need to do something for which they won't need me much(especially the younger ones)
Finger painting was suggested by the kids themselves and was totally loved by all of them,no matter what age.

FRIDAY:  Sand painting was chosen for the day.Kids had fun making their own designs with cookie cutter shapes and stencils.I just suggested them to make wider designs so that they can easily fill sand.They applied glue with brushes and than sprinkled sand on the glued portions.This was also done with minimal help.

 Along with all this craft work ,the kids worked hard with their age appropriate puzzles too:

                                         48 pieces Giant floor puzzle for the younger ones(3-4 years)

                                                     100 pieces for kids aged 4-5 years

                500 pieces finished by 7 year olds  (it took a while but they did all by themselves)
                                                    I was so proud of them all .

And thus the 2nd week ended.I hope you enjoyed the crafts done by the kids.I also hope to post the 3rd week activities soon.Let me know what do think of these crafts by commenting below(your comments does matter)  and visit back soon for some more fun crafts.
Till then, take care of youself :)

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