Monday, October 22, 2012

Halloween Decorations !!

In my earlier post I mentioned that this was our family's first year of Pumpkin carving . It was also our first year of decorating our porch for Halloween. It's not much and I'm still learning(beginner level)  how to decorate....but still wanted to show how I decorated my front door and porch.

Door Monster was inspired by here...though I did improvised and used whatever I had in my craft closet .I simply used the cardstock to make all the features and glue stick to glue them :) Almost no cost ...

Please excuse my extremely bad not so good, photo taking skills here...I decorated this window with some dollar store gel clings(reused from last year) and some pumpkin craft(also from last year ) which my kids did ....again no cost ...even if you take into account ,the money spent last year,it'll around  $7.

Again ..still learning a lot...forgot to take away those shoes before clicking :{

Our first carving...with some paper strip pumpkins with pipe cleaners to attach.What to say ..I'm too thrifty(only sometimes..) all the supplies were again already in craft closet. No cost...again.
Paper Pumpkins were inspired by here but I just used whatever I had on hand...

Hope you enjoyed the pics....I know somebody would have done a better job taking pics....only if he was at home that time...or may I should have waited..I don't know.

Hope you all have a fantastic week ahead...


Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pumpkin Carving!!

This year finally our family got to carve our first Pumpkin..yes you read it right...this is our first year to carve a Pumpkin. It had been on our minds for the last 2 years but somehow never got around to carve one.
Last week one of my dear frieand went to a farm and bought 1 for our family too..(we haven't been picking also yet...never). So we had a Pumpkin on our hands..screaming to be carved.  We saw some you tube videos,  got a cheap carving kit and got started...

O.k so like I said it was a family effort...My husband and daughter did the easy job of carving while me and my son watched over(do you know how exhausting is that job..) and yeah I was also taking these pics..that counts as the most important part..right?

And here is our first carved piece sitting comfortably with the paper pumpkins....

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Cyclic Vomitting Syndrome..

Have you ever thought about something (not so good) which has not happened for days,sometimes even months,and all of a sudden,within a day or two that same thing happens.It is definitely the case with me. Whenever I think that 'this'  has not happened in days,within a couple of days 'this' will somehow manage to show up.Be it my some kind of body pain or some mischief by my son or an arguement with can be anything,I just have to think about it and it is there...telling should have better not thought about me.

Just couple of days back I thought that my daughter(let's call her V) looks like to be over the problem she had been suffering from 3 years and here it comes today, 2 days after that thought crossed my mind and just when I was thinking of putting this problem at the back of my mind for the time being.

It all started 3 years back when we went for vacations to India.After the long journey, when we reached my Mom's place, V started to throw up like crazy.We thought it was due to motion sickness which runs in my side of family.The whole night she kept on throwing up..even a single drop of water going inside was coming out. Next day, she was perfectly fine, as if nothing happened the day before.We dismissed that as a case of motion sickness.

After that it started happening every 3 months.....her pediatrician dismissed it as a way of her body to clean itself.We also didn't worried that much because everytime, next day she would be totally fine.
Than it started every month which really got us worried and by the time we could discuss it with her doctor it was there every week. Only ,by this time she was able to tell me that she also experiences a severe headache before throwing up starts. Finally we were able to figure out the problem...Cyclic Vomitting Syndrome. Doctor says there is really no way we can cure this. It will go away by its own in some time.Though it's almost certain that it  will reappear in her teens as Migrains.

As a mom, it's really hard for me to see her suffer so much and annoying to be not able to do anything about it.Sometimes masaging her head helps but not  often.She tries to sleep it off but that is also not a sure shot remedy.More than once I had to pick her up early from school and skip school next day.She misses a whole lot of activities due to this.

The only good part is that now she understands her problem,she lets others know as soon as she feels not so good,which gives us just enough time to bring her back home and/or get ready for the night(mare)

Not knowing what else to do for her,I can just pray that she gets enough strength to bear this pain which is going to be stronger as it turns into Migrain after some years....

Apples of Gold 


Wordless Wednesday!!


Beautiful view of rainbaw from my back door...enjoy!!

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Thursday, October 11, 2012

FRIDAY Letters!!

To do these Friday letters had been on my mind for a long time....but somehow never got around to do it.This week finally I've pulled my stuff together so here is my 1st Friday Letter :

Dear Seattle thank you so much for giving us an extended Summer this year.Though we were tired of watering the yard and plants but the warm sunny days made it all worthwhile.

Dear Saturday I'm so excited for you to come tommorow.You mark  a new journey for me as I, with one of my friend, launch our version of 'World Explorers' classes for kids.I hope and cross my fingers that all goes well and kids love it.

Dear Roadwork at 228th street  please get done's been more than a year and it's really irritating to stand at 'stop and slow' signs whenever I need to go on that road(read 6 times a week).Just today you made me stop there for good 10 mins.

Dear House please get organised.You are clean enough but getting organised is a totally different story(or is it same thing...I don't know)

Dear Husband your job trips make me  kids really sad and you'll be gone again next week. I just hope this one is going to be the least for this year ..pleeeeeeease

Will be eagerly waiting for next Friday..for writing one more letter and for my dear Husband to come back too...

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Summer with kids...last week!!

Hello everyone, here I'm again to share with you all the fun crafts we did in the last week of the Summer. As I said in the last post  there were some personal issues because of which these posts are coming to you in Fall instead of Summer.So without wasting anymore time here are the pictures of what the kids made in the last week.

MONDAY :   That week we had  15th of August which is India's Independence Day. We decided to honour the day by making Indian flag same way as we made the American flag in week 2. I gave the popsicle sticks to kids and they knew the rest.....

TUESDAY: This was totally had fun molding and sculpting the air dry clay to create trinket bowls, apple and peace signs...they turned out so cute after coloring...have a look ...

WEDNESDAY : After clay trinket bowls it was time for some trinket boxes. I got some small plain boxes from Joann, which were first painted and than decorated with stickers and gems.

THURSDAY : Once more, painting came to my rescue, when ideas for 'what to do' were playing low.
I gave some ready to paint figures  to the kids and enjoyed watching their 'dream castles' taking shape and colours :)

 FRIDAY :  This was the last day of the summer activities with kids and it was fun fun and fun...I wanted the kids to remember that day with lot of happy moments and not just being sad  thinking of not meeting friends for a couple of weeks till the school starts. I planned a water sprinkler party for kids topped with Popsicles .Kids had amazing time and so did I clicking away those moments :)
But before we went out in sprinklers we did made the quick craft for the day...once more and one more  Backpack key chain to hang and show off the summer creation when school starts in couple of weeks...

How cute is that blue smiley face :)

And here is the water was amazing and we ended the summer camp loaded with crafts and fun.

Hope you enjoyed reading let me know by comments..
Take care everyone....

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Summer with Kids.... week 7!!

I know Summer is over...Fall is already here and I've been missing in action since.....I don't know how much time...but definitely a long time.I've my reasons but now when I think about them they feel like excuses so I would just say I was a little busy with my personal problems.But as they say...Better Late than Never....

Though Summer is over but when it comes to crafting there is no season when you can't. It does get a little difficult to do with kids especially if they are going full time school but still I hope you get some ideas for those weekends and holidays :)

So for week 7 we did some beautiful crafts, and here are the pictures :

1 : Kids assembled some foam cutout dolls which came in a kit.Though I got it as a kit but now I feel it's really easy to cut out your own pieces from foam sheets.

TUESDAY:  Next we did a fun project...printing with leaves.Kids had a blast mixing colours and making all different coloured leaf prints on a sheet of paper.With little older kids it should be a fun project to print on fabric with fabric paints.I remember making table cover with leaf prints when I was young.

This one is my favorite....

WEDNESDAY : Schools were about to start in couple of weeks and we wanted to do some back to school craft. What can be more intriguing for girls other than back pack key chains? I know my daughter just loves to put different kind of hanging stuff on her back pack :) So girls decided on making a beaded key chain for their backpacks...which was not so interesting for the boys, so they got to make suncatchers once again

THURSDAY : Once more paints came to my rescue when I was out of ideas for what to do for crafts that day.One thing with paints and kids together is that you can never expect a dull moment. We made some marble prints and kids got so excited with this simple yet so charming activity.It still brings a smile to my face when I remember how much fun they had.

FRIDAY:  Once again it was a back to school craft that day...bookmarks out of foam pieces and stickers. Easy and fun to do and requiring no supervision crafts always make me super Happy :)
and as I write this post my daughter is sitting beside me reading her everyday 20 mins and using the same bookmark...isn't the feeling awesome when you can use something you created for a good purpose??

So that was all we did for the 7th week of summer with the kids.I hope to post the last week's activities really check back soon :) and do let me know what craft did you liked the best.
Take care everyone....

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