Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Summer with Kids.... week 7!!

I know Summer is over...Fall is already here and I've been missing in action since.....I don't know how much time...but definitely a long time.I've my reasons but now when I think about them they feel like excuses so I would just say I was a little busy with my personal problems.But as they say...Better Late than Never....

Though Summer is over but when it comes to crafting there is no season when you can't. It does get a little difficult to do with kids especially if they are going full time school but still I hope you get some ideas for those weekends and holidays :)

So for week 7 we did some beautiful crafts, and here are the pictures :

1 : Kids assembled some foam cutout dolls which came in a kit.Though I got it as a kit but now I feel it's really easy to cut out your own pieces from foam sheets.

TUESDAY:  Next we did a fun project...printing with leaves.Kids had a blast mixing colours and making all different coloured leaf prints on a sheet of paper.With little older kids it should be a fun project to print on fabric with fabric paints.I remember making table cover with leaf prints when I was young.

This one is my favorite....

WEDNESDAY : Schools were about to start in couple of weeks and we wanted to do some back to school craft. What can be more intriguing for girls other than back pack key chains? I know my daughter just loves to put different kind of hanging stuff on her back pack :) So girls decided on making a beaded key chain for their backpacks...which was not so interesting for the boys, so they got to make suncatchers once again

THURSDAY : Once more paints came to my rescue when I was out of ideas for what to do for crafts that day.One thing with paints and kids together is that you can never expect a dull moment. We made some marble prints and kids got so excited with this simple yet so charming activity.It still brings a smile to my face when I remember how much fun they had.

FRIDAY:  Once again it was a back to school craft that day...bookmarks out of foam pieces and stickers. Easy and fun to do and requiring no supervision crafts always make me super Happy :)
and as I write this post my daughter is sitting beside me reading her everyday 20 mins and using the same bookmark...isn't the feeling awesome when you can use something you created for a good purpose??

So that was all we did for the 7th week of summer with the kids.I hope to post the last week's activities really soon...so check back soon :) and do let me know what craft did you liked the best.
Take care everyone....

    parents as teachers