Monday, July 9, 2012

Pretty in Pink Tea Party...7th Birthday

Finally I have time,energy and mood all to get my stuff together and compose this long due post. So, on a June weekend V celebrated her 7th birthday and after thinking and changing her mind a few times she (and me) decided that she wanted a Tea Party with her friends.While figuring out decorations and activities to-do the Tea Party became Pretty in Pink Tea Party.

Starting with the Invitations:

We(read my husband)printed these' pretty' invitations(4 on 1 sheet of cardstock)

I enclosed them in a see through designed loot bags.These made a cute envelope for the invites.


For decorations I wanted a very girly and dressy kind of decor.What could be better for a tea party than Pom poms and Pinwheels :) I followed the Tissue pom poms tutorial from here and Paper pinwheel directions from here.

The tea cups hanging from the HB banner were felt tea cups brought in Michaels and attached to a Strawberry Shortcake's banner(which was used in her previous birhday)

here are some more decoration pics:

These Tea pot banners were made by alternating paper circles and tea pots(which were actually invites that came with the party pack I ordered online,but were otherwise useless as we had already printed and sent our invites by that time.)

Table Setting:


                                                                  A closer view.                                     

                                               Paper Doilies were used as placemats.

2 of these Tea sets were brought in Michaels on clearance for $1 each( seriously,no kidding) and painted. You can find some awesome stuff in clearance section of Michaels and there was nothing wrong with these except that these were last in stock :)


When the girls arrived they were given some blank papers to make birthday cards for V.We had two activity centers.First one was to decorate their Pink bags and on the second one girls got to design their own barretts.While others were doing their cards 4 girls (2 on each table) did their crafts. A dear friend of mine came to help me with these craft stations(and much more) (Thanks Abhi without you this party wouldn't have gone this smoothly:)All the bows and flowers for these activities were made by me in advance.  Girls decided how to place them with  gems,pearls and other stuff and we adults helped them with gluing.

                                                              Barrett making table.

We used these bags as their Favor bags.
After the crafts stations were done we played pass the Teapot and used the game for gift  opening as well.Whoever had the tea pot when music stopped was able to give their gift to V and she opened it with them.


For food we had Fruit kabobs,Tea pot shaped sandwiches,Pink lemonade,Strawberry popsicles,Pizza and Pink cupcakes.Everything except Pizza and cupcakes was made at home.


For favors we had the decorated bag for each girl with their decorated barretts,hats,a tea party themed sticker sheet, teapot/tea cup shaped cookie,and the plastic straw tea cups which they used for water during party.

Cookies was my first attempt at baking and decorating.I found this awesome eggless sugar cookie receipe here and decorated with the cookie decorating icing found in baking aisle of grocery store.I think they were pretty good for the first timer and they  tasted really good.
I packed these cookies again in the same loot bag in which I sent Invites.

The stuffed favour bags:

All the pictures were taken by my husband,which BTW explains missing food on food table(he took pic before I could place all the stuff,and forgot to take it again afterwards.)and the pic of bags turned the wrong way:(  You see he's still not able to understand why those photos are so important and how I need them....but still he is a wonderful husband and dad(and hopefully will figure out soon, how I want those pics.)

All in all this was a fun party and V was super happy. Most of the stuff for the party was DIY which made this a very low budget affair.The effort was all for the love of crafting and decorating and the compliment of "Crafty Mom"  given by my daughter made it all worth and more....

Take care everybody and let me know your views on the party :)


  1. Just too good. Everything from decorations to food and favors. I liked those baked cookies and decor on them. And even Barrett look good. I will definately try it. :)

  2. awesome decoration & theme.. i just love it... especially tea party theme & cookies...

  3. Hi there! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving the nice comment!

    This is such a cute party! I love the teacup cookies. I'd love it if you'd link this up to a party I'm having. You can find it here if you'd like to link up

    Have a great day!

  4. Love the tea party idea! My little girls would love this. Great job!


  5. Thanks so much for linking this up to our weekend Wonders party. Hope to see you back on Thursday :)

  6. You are a girl after my own heart. I love this birthday party!!! I think I may have more fun putting the parties together than my kids do celebrating at it. Haha! I'm pinning this! Thanks for linking it up to our Weekend Wonders party. =)

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