Saturday, August 4, 2012

Summer with kids....Week 5 !!

Being with so many kids for last 5 weeks...and going through 6th week, has unfolded a newer side of me to me too....I never knew I could be so patient with kids. Also this summer has given me and my kids lots of new experiences ...

Firstly, from a stay at home mom, I became a stay at home and work mom :)
My kids are participating in a Talent show, which will be a first for them.Both of them are dancing for the first time and are going to be on stage for the first time as well (I'm so excited.....)
Other than these two exciting things ,for the first time in our marriage of 10 years, I had to be' home alone' (with my kids though)  without my hubby.These two weeks without him, in turn, taught me so many things about myself, my neighbours and my friends.But that would be a post for some other time. Now is the time to show you all what we did the whole last week.

MONDAY :  I got a pencil topper kit from the craft store(I don't remember Michaels or Joann...). I  already had some pencils at home which they used with their toppers. Kids had to stick the foam pieces on the pencil and decorate their toppers with gems and glitters included in the kit.

but the end result was not that satisfying.Next day itself the foam stickers started coming apart and I had to glue everthing again, which was a pain :(

TUESDAY:  Boys were not that interested in doing crafts that day...they were happy building Legos( though that is creative for boys..hmm..) so i searched my craft closet for some girly stuff. I came across some felt which I got for my daughter's birthday pink tea  party but never actually used it.Also I had other stuff( flowers,gems,feathers) leftover from the party. I folded the felt into half and hot glued them...girls decided the decorations and I helped them hot glue those on......

...and we got the Purses....don't you think they look cute. I am thinking that these can be used as their lunch money wallets or to store their clips and barretts for travelling, what do you say??

WEDNESDAY : There were these ceramic pieces  on sale a couple of weeks back in Joann...which we painted on Wednesday...

THURSDAY: Whenever i go to Michaels I can't help but take 1-2 wooden photo frames they carry...there are endless ideas on how you can decorate them. For my daughter's  6th birthday party ,I had kids decorate them with foam stickers. This time we decided to paint them.

 I love how one of the youngest kid decided(unintentionally)  to mix all the colours he could get ....the final result(extreme right in middle row) was beautiful. I'm sure I cannot acheive that even if i try to :)

FRIDAY: Playdough is the best thing to give to kids when you need a little time for yourself. My kids even at 7 and 5 years of age still love to get their hands on playdough and would be engaged for hours ,so for Friday I took out the playdough box and showed kids how to mix colours and make beads out of it.

Kids went wild with mixing colours and making multi-coloured beads :) We have put these beads away for the weekend to dry out and will bo making something out of it next week.

So this is it for this week....see you next week with some more fun projects and crafts.
Your comments would be a great motivation for me to keep feel free to let me know what you think :)

Take care ...

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  1. I love how creative you are with your children! It had inspired me to make a real effort to do a little more with them during the Summer holidays. Thank you!As your page title says, it is a real balancing act for mum's, but we have to make the time, don't we. We will never get these days back.
    Best wishes for more colourful creations! and thank you so much for visiting me too.
    Zoe (from

  2. Those are some fun projects! I bet your kids are enjoying them. Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday. :) I'm following you through GFC now. :) Megan

  3. Hey lady!! I just found your cute blog via the mingle, and I'm your newest follower! I'd also love to have you check out a fabulous Triple Giveaway I'm having right now!!

    Hope to see you there! And thanks so much!