Thursday, October 11, 2012

FRIDAY Letters!!

To do these Friday letters had been on my mind for a long time....but somehow never got around to do it.This week finally I've pulled my stuff together so here is my 1st Friday Letter :

Dear Seattle thank you so much for giving us an extended Summer this year.Though we were tired of watering the yard and plants but the warm sunny days made it all worthwhile.

Dear Saturday I'm so excited for you to come tommorow.You mark  a new journey for me as I, with one of my friend, launch our version of 'World Explorers' classes for kids.I hope and cross my fingers that all goes well and kids love it.

Dear Roadwork at 228th street  please get done's been more than a year and it's really irritating to stand at 'stop and slow' signs whenever I need to go on that road(read 6 times a week).Just today you made me stop there for good 10 mins.

Dear House please get organised.You are clean enough but getting organised is a totally different story(or is it same thing...I don't know)

Dear Husband your job trips make me  kids really sad and you'll be gone again next week. I just hope this one is going to be the least for this year ..pleeeeeeease

Will be eagerly waiting for next Friday..for writing one more letter and for my dear Husband to come back too...


  1. nice letters!

    new follower!

  2. Hi from Friday Letters!

    Aw, I hope you find out that it's your hubbys last business trip for a while! I'm sorry, that must be hard. He'll be back soon though :)

    Happy Friday!

    xo, Heather

  3. Stopping by from Friday letters! So jealous that you live in Seattle - I have been wanting to visit there for so long!!

    Have a great weekend!! :)

  4. Thanks for following! :)
    I grew up near Seattle! so so so beautiful! But overly rainy :)

  5. These are so good. Feels great to read them. Awesome ones. Keep it up :)

  6. Have been to Seattle once and LOVED it. My hubby travels a lot also. It is hard at times:-(. Have a great eventing!