Monday, October 22, 2012

Halloween Decorations !!

In my earlier post I mentioned that this was our family's first year of Pumpkin carving . It was also our first year of decorating our porch for Halloween. It's not much and I'm still learning(beginner level)  how to decorate....but still wanted to show how I decorated my front door and porch.

Door Monster was inspired by here...though I did improvised and used whatever I had in my craft closet .I simply used the cardstock to make all the features and glue stick to glue them :) Almost no cost ...

Please excuse my extremely bad not so good, photo taking skills here...I decorated this window with some dollar store gel clings(reused from last year) and some pumpkin craft(also from last year ) which my kids did ....again no cost ...even if you take into account ,the money spent last year,it'll around  $7.

Again ..still learning a lot...forgot to take away those shoes before clicking :{

Our first carving...with some paper strip pumpkins with pipe cleaners to attach.What to say ..I'm too thrifty(only sometimes..) all the supplies were again already in craft closet. No cost...again.
Paper Pumpkins were inspired by here but I just used whatever I had on hand...

Hope you enjoyed the pics....I know somebody would have done a better job taking pics....only if he was at home that time...or may I should have waited..I don't know.

Hope you all have a fantastic week ahead...



  1. your pics are great!! the decorations are so festive and fun!!
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  5. you did a great job!

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  8. Oh my gosh the door is sooo cute great idea!!

  9. I wanted to decorate our porch too and just plain ran out of time :( I also wanted to do those beach ball eyes in the tree thing (don't know if you've seen that floating around the internet) and didn't get around to it. There's always next year I guess :)
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