Wednesday, June 6, 2012

DIY jewellery

Hello there, 
  So here is my first post.All this is very new to me and feels like the time I used to write my assignments back in school(carefully framing sentences,looking for spelling mistakes..)
So after lot of thinking,( for about don't know how many days) as to what should be the first post about,I figured that it will be easier to start with just some pictures  post ,to give myself a hang of this blogging thing.

I am experimenting with some beading stuff.  I haven't  taken any classes but seen some you tube videos for basic techniques.My beading hobby started with the need to have some matching neckpieces for my Indian outfits,but is now slowly growing into one of my favourite things to do,whenever I can spare some time for myself ,that is.

 So much for a just" Picture post" you'll say. So, here are some pictures taken by my wonderful husband.Enjoy!!

                  Muticoloured Bracelet with golden spacers.My favourite, goes with  almost any outfit.

                                                     Golden-brown necklace with matching earrings.

                                                                 Black-green necklace.   

              Blue glass beads with silver spacers.This piece actually got me into this beading hobby.

                                                        Black pendant necklace with earrings.

Hope you all liked the work.Let me know which one did you liked, by commenting below.Have a good day .   
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  1. nice work surabhi.. the jewellery is too gud...if you can, please guide the ways to make an awesome jewellery which could go with common ur bracelet..thanx..