Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Butterflies and Bugs 6th birthday party

Summer is the season of birthdays in our family.Both my kids and me have summer birthdays, but my daughter gets the most out of it. She celebrates her birthday in June and gets the best of me.After planning and going through her birthday,I don't have enough energy left in me to plan for my son's birthday.So he gets just a get together kind of  party.

So V's(my daughter) birthday is almost here..this weekend (I can't believe she'll be 7 already) and just before my kids birthdays I like to go through the pics of their past birthdays with them. When we were going through her 6th birthday pics I thought of making it my next post (though I can count hundreds of other 'to be done' things for her this year's birthday.)This blogging thing is definitely addictive.

   Let's start with some decoration pics:

                                          View of the room where most of the activity took place.

                                                          Balloon flower on the ceiling.

                                                                       side wall view..

The flowers and butterflies were pre-cut foam shapes which I found in dollar tree.24 pieces for a dollar. I decorated them with sparkles, pipe cleaners and pom poms.Green crepe paper strips were used to give the effect of grass and stems for flowers. Everything included, the decor was less than $15 I suppose, but the impact was huge.Overheard kids saying" looks like we are in a magical garden" ...totally made my day.

Invitations were sent online with personalized bugs and butterfly(B&B) pic, which we found on net somewhere.Most of the girls came in their prettiest outfits wearing their wings which made the room look like filled with cute butterflies.
I made a big butterfly shaped card from poster board. When guests arrived they signed up the card with their wishes for V.
 I got bugs and butterflies masks from Michaels for $1 each, for all the kids.

Here is my butterfly princess( in green and brown) with her bug friends. All the butterfly masks I could find  were pink and purple which didn't went with her outfit, which was a special gift from my mom, from India.So at the last moment (really.. just 2 hrs before the party) I made this green mask from the foam sheets available in my craft closet, using the pink masks as my inspiration.It turned out pretty well  I think...what do you say??

I had planned for a face paint activity but I knew many of the kids were not so comfortable with the face paints(including the birthday girl herself) so instead went with the Temporary Tattoos.(B&B)

After getting tattoos,kids all lined up for 'Pin the antenna on Butterfly'.

I made a big butterfly(minus antennas) out of a poster board and glued it on the foam craft board.I made antennas for each kid from construction paper and wrote names on each so when they taped it to butterfly it was easy to see which was who's. Needless to say everybody got a prize.I had a bag full of goodies and after taping their antennas each got to choose one gift.

The next activity we did was playing Musical Bugs.

I was lucky enough to find precut cardstock bugs and butterflies in Michaels in clearance.Wrote numbers on one side of the shapes.When music started all kids had to dance aroud the shapes and had to take one shape each when music stopped.I would call out a random number and whoever had that  shape had to go out....again they went to treasure bag to get a gift.Kids were actually wanting to get out :)

It was time for cake and snacks by that time.

I found some cute B&B shaped candles which were pack of exactly 6.

You see, I was not into blogging that time so didn't bothered to take pics of the food table.But the food was all homemade Indian snacks and sweets and a big fruit tray in which fruits were arranged in butterfly shape.(I so wanted to take pic of that ..but I was late and kids were hungry and fast.)

After cake and snacks there was just enough time left for our last and quite activity..that was making frames.I had pre packed foam shapes(obviously in B&B shapes...again Michaels) in small ziplocks for each kid to avoid any hard feelings.We had a wide range of age group ,so this was very helpful with younger kids.

Kids took back their frames as favors along with B&B notepads,B&B sticker pads,2 small gifts each which they got in games and some cookies.
All in all it was a fun filled party and V was glad that we had that at home. I was glad that it was very easy on wallet and the DIY stuff I did, is something I enjoy. Kids as well as Moms enjoyed throughly(some made extra frames,and moms of younger kids played the Musical bugs for their kids)

Looking forward to share her 7th birthday soon.It has lots of DIY stuff so come again to have a look.

Let me know how do you like to celebrate birthdays...Is it a quite family event for you or a big get together of friends and family or is it celebrating at a party place for kids? I would love to hear from you

Take care :)

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